Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unexpected Poetry - Her Smile

She sits there, quietly
with her hands folded on her lap,
paying attention to the lesson.
Here in the corner am I,
sneaking glances at her back,
wishing she would look this way.
But alas! I know she is someone else's,
and must not be touched;
for one does not pluck the flower
in which a bee already resides.
I must turn to the lecture.

The hours spent in the classroom
evaporate like mist.
Recall them, I cannot
for my mind is clouded.
Yet, one moment lasts;
as strong as steel, it will not
be broken.
As class ends, and we walk out,
we bump into each other in the hallway.
She smiles and apologises,
and leaves.

Her smile lasted for a moment,
and yet it lasted forever.
But it still hadn't lasted
long enough.

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