Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Internet

I know that I said I wanted my blog to be about my thoughts and beliefs and all, and I was hoping to be able to effect change for the better in people's lives, yadda yadda yadda. But you know what, I'm an 18-year-old, and I have a blog, so the urge to occasionally post a simple rant/diary post pops up more frequently than I would like it to. Usually I don't post rants because I wonder if anyone would want to read them. But in today's particular case, I feel it's justified, because it also explains my absence.

I really should try to update my blog, like, you know, more regularly. As it is, my updates have been infrequent and far apart, unlike my friend Arthur's blog, which get updated a few times a week. Arthur, I'm impressed by how you are able to manage your time and how your love for your blog enables you to update it regularly. Thumbs up, man.

So I've been trying to adopt a once-a-week update system. Since Sunday is really the day of the week when I have the most free time, I thought maybe I could update my blog every Sunday. I would have the time to sit down and come up with something nice to write about, type it in, read it over, edit as necessary, and pray for the best. That would work. Except last Sunday I had a very minor flu, and decided to sleep it off. It was really nothing serious, I recovered from it in no time, but I didn't want to push myself because of my exams. So, no update last Sunday.

Now today is Sunday, so it would be a good time for me to update my blog now, Yes? No. Because I have no Internet today, hence the blog title. My apartment room here in Penang hasn't had internet since Wednesday. Right now I'm chilling in MacDonalds and leeching of their Wi-Fi here. All I bought was a tiny Sausage MacMuffin, and I've been sitting here slowly eating away at it for nearly half an hour now, so I can enjoy the interwebs. Shrewd? Nope, but probably Asian.

Anyway, on Wednesday, almost everyone's internet was cut off. Everyone in the hostel, that is. Everyone was, of course, frantic. In an effort to fix the internet in my apartment, I tried to press the reset button on the wireless transmitter. (Not, apparently, something that I should have done.) I didn't touch the main modem though, just the second half, the wireless transmitter thing with the antennae. Well, apparently most other people in the hostel got their internet back on Friday, but ours has still been out. One of my roommates said that he had a theory, that maybe someone in our apartment pressed the reset button and messed everything up, which is why we're the only ones still without internet. When I heard that, I was like, "whoops..." and I told him what I had done. Dang. Looks like I'm the reason why my 6 other roommates are going to have to wait until Monday for their interwebs. The INTI tech support guys will be coming on Monday to fix up the Wi-Fi, but my tech-savvy roommate says that it shouldn't be a very hard thing to fix, so hopefully things will be back to normal then.

That's pretty much it for my little diary entry of the day. But even the simplest of stories can have a helpful moral to them, if you know where to look. So the moral of my story of a bumbling college student who did something he shouldn't have done? "Never press the reset button on your internet modem, ever. Unless you really know what you're doing." That's my insight for the day. See you guys next week, maybe.

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