Monday, April 23, 2012

Another one down.

I have now finished reading Frankenstein, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley! *confetti* And so the literature quest continues. I know have three books on the desk next to my bed. Three books by Charles Dickens: Great Expectations, Olliver Twist, and David Copperfeild. I am absolutely torn in my decision of which one to read first. All of them share two things in common: 1. They are all written by Charles Dickens, and 2. I have absolutely no perception of the background of any of the three stories. I shall make my decision when I find time to read tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions as to which one I should read first, I would be so very glad!

Upon reading Frankenstein, I have a clear picture of how the original story went. A lot of what we see on TV that was *allegedly parodied and/or quoted from Frankenstein* was actually taken from the movie. That's one of the reasons I find it so interesting to read literature: I like to discover the real story, before it was sullied by the media. Did you know that Robin Hood actually didn't get married to the princess or gain the king's favour? That's a delusion that Disney wanted to create for you. Thanks a lot, Disney.
Next update, I shall address some of the more common and obvoius *alleged parodies and/or quotes from Frankenstein*.

So now that I finished Frankenstein, I would be very happy to put down my book and go to sleep. But I can't, because Frankenstein was so gripping towards the end, I wanted to finish it, and as a result, I stayed up longer than usual. Consequently, by not going to sleep, I gave time for my stomach to become empty, and now I am hungry. I cannot sleep when I am hungry. So the obvoius solution would be to eat something. But here we come across a problem. First of all, I'm on a strict diet. Do you know how upsetting it is when I put one hand to my waist after a week of all studying and no exercising, and imagine half a dozen extra pounds of fat accumulated there? It's rather upsetting, I can tell you, and eating before bed is a one way ticket to weight gain. Secondly, I hate having to brush my teeth again after eating before bed to make sure there's no food stuck in there. So that's why I'm trying to satisfy my hunger with grapes and orange slices. Unfortunately, cellulose simply doesn't have the same satisfying effect as ham.


  1. Do you know you sound like a girl, complaining about how you notice the fat accumulating on your body?

    1. Thank you very much, dear sister of mine. I'm sure you know a lot about weight, since you don't have any.

  2. Hey Jonathan, this site may be of interest to you. I have an account and I use it to keep track of all the books I read. You can also use it to see if there are other interesting books out there that you may want to read: