Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dang, looks like another relapse.

The year is now 2012. The month is now April. What this all amounts to is that I am now in Form Five and will be sitting for SPM in seven odd months. Evidently, I shall have to put in extra effort throughout the year if I want to score well. This fact was brought into light by my mother just recently, who said that I was "playing computer" too much and not studying enough. Now, this came as a real shock to me, because it seemed to me, from my own point of view, that I had been working my hind off for the past few days. To receive such a flat statement as that after, it seemed to me, days of hard work, came as rather upsetting. Well, to be fair, I had spent last Thursday, and the Thursday before come to think of it, slouching in an armchair and playing video games for, at a rough estimate, five hours. But in all justification, I had been working hard to complete my Moral folio last week, and the week before was the end of the debate competition. Thursday is always a free day for me, due to lack of tuition.

I also object to the fact that I had been "playing computer" overly much. It is true that due to work on the Moral folio, I had to use the computer more than once for printing. But that hardly counts as playing, no, not one little bit. Also, the work on the folio mostly involved what I call arts & craft, which may not really seem like real work at all, but is actually crucial to scoring in SPM. That is possibly one of the reasons it didn't seem like I was doing much work these days, but...

Anyway, what this means is that I have to cut down on the less obvious kinds of work, and do more of the kind of work that actually looks like real work - poring over books with reading glasses on and all that; at least, unless I want my next meal in this house to be dry bread and water. Unfortunately, and this is a large misfortune, I probably have to cut back on my blogging for quite some time to come. In order to appease the one who must be obeyed, I'll be doing all sorts of high-intensity studying activity: homework at the dinner table, skipping holidays to study, and jumping board games in order to catch up on reading. On the plus side, this means that I get to do homework at the dinner table, skip holidays to study, and jump board games in order to catch up on reading.

My free time will have to be spent solely on reading books (both story and revision), and playing piano, although if life gets intense, I'll probably extract splinters out of the keys rather than melodious music. Computer will be used at a minimum, and I'll have to treat the Wii like I treat donuts in between meals. Consider this a time of meditation and rehabilitation and other scary-sounding -itations. I'll probably update my blog about once a week, but remember that I will never forget my blog. In fact, I should have been asleep half and hour ago (what with the new policy and all), but I couldn't get any peace of mind until I had explained the situation to my blog readers, or absence thereof. Nevertheless, difficulties are to be expected out of life, since no good ever came withour hard work. On that note, remember to keep your spirits up at work and school everyday, and don't let life get you down. Peace.

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