Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Year-old Blog!

Today is a very special day! Do you know why? It's the blog's birthday today! That is correct, exactly (or almost exactly) 365 days ago, I sat down and started up this very blog which you are now viewing today! On this date, last year, I struggled to come up with something creative for my first post - unsuccessfully, of course - and today, nothing has changed. For the blog's first-year anniversary, I was honestly considering putting today's post in the eyes of the blog - like what Sherlock Holmes did occasionally in some of the later stories. I was going to pretend that due to "The Boss" being very busy with exams and all, the blog had been given full authority to write itself, because of its birthday. The blog would then proceed to make a fool of me by spilling all my secrets and fancies, and thus, perhaps make something more of an interesting read. But in the end, I decided, "Hey, if I tried something as magnificently creative as that, I would surely fail miserably, on account of my incompatibly uncreative nature!" And in any case, I would probably be much better at making a  fool of myself than anyone else could - or at least, better than any persona whom I had invented on the spot expressly as a commemaration of some event no one is likely to take notice of, could.

As the blog has now reached 365 days of age, perhaps it would be nice to look back, and reflect on how far our blog has come today. Of course, I could probably see how far it has come with my glasses off, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look anyway.

- Whenever pressed for a reason for creating my blog - or at least, whenever I imagine myself as currently being pressed for a reason for creating my blog - I have often used the cover of "not having facebook, and therefore requiring something else instead, to fill in the empty spot." There is actually a backstory to this. Last year, in actual fact, three days before I created the blog, I went to Ipoh for a school Science Convention thing. My school sent three representatives - of which I was proud to be one - to the convention with the results of our studies on Obesity. I came up with the idea that since we had used the BMI calculation a lot in our investigations, we should prepare some means for people at the Science Convention to check their own BMI. So it was that on that day, I was sitting alone behind our little desk, with our little presentation on a board behind me, with a measuring tape stuck to a pole nearby, and a weighing scale at my feet. The other two representatives from my school having abandoned me to check out the presentations (or rather, the presentors, if you get my meaning) from other schools at the science fair, I was left to man the fort, twiddling my thumbs and delivering the routine presentation explanation to anyone who was kind enough to stop and take a look. It was right around this time that a group of schoolgirls - a sizeable group at that - came around to my little booth there. I proceeded to deliver the routine presentation explanation, as I call it, for want of a better word; and while I would like to say that I kept my cool the whole time and calmly explained everything to them clearly and concisely - I cannot deny that my face was probably red, as they say, as a beetroot. Alright, I'm not the coolest of people, especially when faced with such a eep-what-am-I-going-to-do-now moment as that. I was planning to do what I had to do efficiently and in a gentlemanly manner, after which they would leave and I would never see them again. Therefore, it came to me as very much of a surprise when, after taking some of their BMIs, as they requested (most of them were underweight, and one of the was normal), they suddenly let loose on me a question which had never been asked of me before, and one which I was certainly not expecting in those circumstances: "Can I have your Facebook?" I was so shocked that it was all I could do to tell them that I did not, unfortunately, have a Facebook account. After that, true to my prediction, they went on their way and I never saw any of them again.
Three days later, I returned home and made a blog for myself. I may not be very good at spotting opportunities, but I know one when I miss one. Of course, since the incident I have started a Facebook account as well, but you know. Life is funny.

- The moose has been the mascot, so to speak, of my blog ever since I looked up the plural form of the word "moose" in wikipedia, and found a very interesting answer. Shortly after learning of the complexity of the moose's plural name, I blogged about it, and the background of my blog has featured a moose standing in a field ever since.
The moose standing in the field in the background today was actually photoshopped into it.
I imagine that if I ever change the blog's background, I would even photoshop a Moose into that background as well.
Today, I cannot remember for what reason I had looked up the plural form of the word "moose" in the first place. I have never had to use any of the plural forms of the word "moose" since.

- Why did I make a page called Sandwich in the first place? I wish I knew. Whatever the reason was, I'm certainly unable to make any spectacular sandwiches today, unless a Leftover sandwich can be viewed as spectacular. My sandwich-making abilities, as much of them as may exist, can't really come into play when one is seldom allowed to perform any sort of cooking more complicated than microwaving some salty stuff from the fridge and slapping them onto a loaf. Perhaps some day, when I have my own kitchen and all, and if I still remember the blog at that time, I might seriously start making up sandwiches for the blog. Yes, I might.

That's all I can think of to say right now. Thanks for reading, and here's to another great year of uncreative stuff coming from me!

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