Thursday, October 18, 2012

100th post...?


This is, like, the 100th post of my blog, so I thought I would, you know, put a break in the English lessons to say a few words.

So, um...

Now that the blog has reached a hundred posts, my next goal is typically two hunderd posts. Thank you everyone for continuing to read, and I hope I'll learn not to be a bore.

...I received a freakishly large number of pageviews yesterday. I mean, like, record-breakingly high. Even more than the time when my sister linked my blog on her Facebook. Except this time, I don't know where all these pageviews are coming from. It's just an unexplainable 24-hour spike in activity, but it's sort of settled down by today. To be honest, it's really making me nervous... Did I somehow finally manage to do something exactly right? ...or wrong?

Oh dear... Well, happy 100th post and everything. I'll get started on the English lesson now.

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