Thursday, October 25, 2012

Short story: The deer's antlers.

One day, the deer was walking in the forest and he met the peacock. The peacock was sitting on the branches of and old tree. He had a lot of colorful feathers, which he showed to the deer. He laughed at the deer because the deer did not have any colors.
The next day, the peacock was sitting at the same place. Again he showed off his feathers laughed at the deer who did not have any colors. The peacock made fun of the deer for many days.
Finally, the deer had a clever idea. He stood up on his two legs, and kicked the branches off the old tree. The peacock fell to the ground. Then the deer chose two of the nicest branches and wore them on his head.
Now the deer still did not have colors, but he had beautiful antlers instead. He showed his antlers to the peacock, and laughed at the peacock because the peacock did not have any antlers.
Also, now the peacock did not have any tree to sit on.
This is how the deer got his antlers.
This is also the reason why the peacock makes its nest on the ground instead of in the trees. The peacock's nest is on the ground because he is afraid the deer might kick down more branches when he needs new antlers. 

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