Wednesday, December 26, 2012

lazy lazy lazy

Feeling so lazy. That's the main reason why I haven't been updating. Do you know, when school holidays first began, I made a resolution? I said to myself, Okay guy, you got to get up at the break of dawn every day. If you want to play video games, that's your moment to play: only the first hour before the sun rises. Once the sky is bright, do a bit of Bible-reading and devotion before starting the day. Then spend the afternoon reading your classic novels. Well, so much for that resolution. On the first few days, I did pretty well. Woke up on time, didn't play too much Facebook and etc., did my morning devotion, and read David Copperfield throughout the whole afternoon. I finished up the last 200 pages in two days. After that, I was so exhausted of reading that it was about a week before I started my next book. Today, I got up at 10:00 a.m. Hardly the break of dawn at all. I still did my morning devotion and all, but it turns out that, the human brain is only capable of so much reading before it gets tired out, like a muscle. The resolution was a task that required superhuman power from the start. Subsequently, I have been very lazy of late, and the only exercise I've done in the passt month is half an hour of Wii Sport. On top of that, the lack of school next year means that I am even less stimulated than normal at the end of the year.

Oh well. Remember the Bible camp Jeremiah School that my sister went for last year? Dumb question, of course not. Anyway, that's where I'm going for six weeks, starting January 2nd next year. It is highly unlikely that I'll be able to blog during that time, so I guess this is goodbye, for now. Of course, there's plenty of time to squeeze in one more post between now and next year, but hey, bloggers need breaks too.

Oh hey, by the way, the world didn't end. Isn't that great? But sometimes those sarcastic "Hey, where's your end of the world now?" posts on Facebook are so annoying that I wish there had been at least some small occurence, like a minor earthquake or an asteroid spotting or something, just to keep those guys quiet.

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