Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today I entered my home again for the first time in five weeks. I started noticing all the little changes around the house and my family. For instance, while I was away, my mom started using new tupperwares to keep water in the fridge. Also, there's a new Elmo mug from Universal Studios in the kitchen. Also, the door handle to my bathroom works a lot smoother now, thanks to my dad having oiled it while I was away.

But I also noticed the things that haven't changed at all, and yet drew my attention to them. I was at Golden Sands Baptist Center, Port Dickson for five weeks, and the bathrooms there are each lit by a single yellow lighbulb. The ceiling's kind of low, about two feet above my head when I stand at full height. When I turned on the light in my own bathroom at home and stepped into it for the first time after five weeks, I was amazed at how white the walls were. After my bath, I was surprised to find that I could stretch my arms all the way up when putting on my shirt without touching the ceiling.

I don't really know what the main point of this post is, because I've had a six-hour train ride to get back home, so I'm tired. I guess what I want to say is, sometimes things become so routine that we actually have to be away from them for more than a month before we can notice them for what they really are. I for one will enjoy sleeping under a blanket that's long enough to cover all of me at once. There are disadvantages to being tall, you know. One is that medium-sized blankets won't cover your feet. I learned that while I was away. Anyway, my challenge to you is, when you wake up tomorrow, try looking at the things around you for what they really are. Good night.

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