Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apology Day

You ever experience the kind of day where you know you were given a long time to do a job but never finished all of it and now you know that you're supposed to have it done by tomorrow but you can't so you're going to have to apologise instead? I tend to experience it. A lot. Most of the time, this kind of day comes around on the last day of a school semester holiday, the time when you know you were supposed to have finished all you homework and extra-curriclar assignments during that one week but didn't because you were watching  reruns on TV and playing some old online game that only twenty people ever play. That is why, from this day forth, the last day of any school holiday spanning over one week long, shall be declared Apology Day.

Today is an Apology Day. I have to go back to school tomorrow, and I can count the number of things I failed to complete during my week of holidays. Being able to count your failures is actually a lot worse that having too many failures to count, because when you have a countable number of failures, someone may challenge you to count them out for them. In this case, I'm forwarding that challenge to myself.

Let's count the number of things I failed to complete during the holidays:
1) Half of my History homework.
2) One Moral Education report.
3) One script for the Malay debate team.
4) I was supposed to use the week to write an essay for a competition which would potentially net me an iPad if it came out in third place or higher, but I've failed to even start that essay.
5) I should have blogged a lot more. As it is, I've accumulated three things to blog about throughout the week, but since I'm currently trying to compensate for the above four failures, this failure will have to wait.

See, if I had an uncountable number of failures, I would just say "I have too many failures to count," and end my post there and click publish. Instead, I've listed out my failures, and looking at them now I feel the guilt piling up, and my self-esteem plummets as I regard myself as an ineffective procrastinator.

On the other hand, what better day to release all that pent-up guilt, than on Apology Day itself? Now is my chance to apologise for all my failures.

I'm sorry, teachers at school, for not completing your homework. However, you won't know of my History homework until Wednesday, and I've at least done enough Moral to get away with little more than a reminder.

I'm sorry, teacher in charge of the debate team, for having to hand in a half-baked script tomorrow. The competition is on Wednesday, so there's no escaping from anything.

I'm sorry, iPad, for not putting in enough effort to worthily earn you as my prize.

I'm sorry, dear blog readers and fellow blog writers, for neglecting my duties as a blogger to post every bit of drivel that so happens to enter my mind.

And I'm sorry, self-esteem of mine, for putting you to the test.

See, Apology Day is a great idea. You know what would be great? If it was declared a national holiday, so that we get one more day to cover up what we were going to apologise for in the first place.

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