Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The school magazine is out. Can you believe that? The school magazine, which so many of us put in so much effort into producing, has finally been published! It made me so happy to look at the inside of the magazine and realize that it didn't look anywhere near as messy as I had thought it would be! It didn't look rushed or sloppy, it actually looked like a decent school magazine! I felt like hugging someone.

They didn't use the front cover that I designed after all. But they used my back cover, and it looked wonderful. They also used my page header design and my first page. I can't really describe any of it, and we aren't going to get our copies of the magazine yet. The copies in school now are for last year's school-leavers. Once I get my magazine, I can scan it and stuff. But I'll tell you that I'm really glad about how it looks!

Today I received some blogging insight from a friend of mine. Perhaps I should focus my blog on a single subject. Coem to think of it, every other blog I've seen does that. There are blogs for views and opinions, and blogs for daily goings-on, and blogs for holiday photos. But my blog is the only one I've ever seen that combines them all into one. But then again, that's what makes my blog mine. I can do whatever I jolly well want to do with it.

Tomorrow's test is the last exam of the season. Physics! We're only being tested on one chapter, so it should be irrationally easy. Personally, I'm not at all stressed out about it.

As I walked back from school, I looked up at the sky. Behind me, the clear sky was being blocked out by the advancing legion of dark, black clouds. It was such a majestic and distant display of nature's power, that despite the inevitable forebodingness of heavy rain, I looked at it and thought to myself, this is going to be a great day.

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