Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's got me smiling

History exam was on Friday, and guess what? It wasn't difficult! It was merely slightly hard. I'm quite sure I'm going to get an A-minus at least this time! And a solid A-minus too, not a ghost A-minus like last year. (There are generally two ways to calculate a person's final score for History. On last years paper, if you used the first method, I would get 75 marks, barely scraping an A-minus. If you used the other method, I got a C.)

So I've reverted back to the old background. The one with the moose. If you think the Thunderstorm background (click to view) was nicer, and I should permanently leave that as my background, do leave a comment.

Tomorrow is the Moral exam. To all the other Malaysians and classmates, remember to memorise the 36 moral value definitions. To everyone else, see you after the exams.

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