Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back in Business

Yeehaw, Kawabunga, L.O.L, and all the rest! Exam season is OVER!
Hats a plenty, better than confetti
Everybody put your hats in the air, and wave them around like you just don't care! Not that I'm likely to do that on my real graduation day though. I'm willing to bet that more than 50% of the hats in the picture were stolen when they reached the ground again. No, I'd rather just shout hurrah and hold on to my own hat, thanks.

So, exams are over! The clouds are cleared! The shadows are gone! I now have ample reason to throw everything off, kick all my books, scream my hair off, slump down into a chair in a posture that absolutely punishes the backbone, matchmake my eyes with the television screen, and not get any sleep at all!

Then why do I feel like studying?

Its supposed to be holiday times! Full of sun and surf and scabs! Time to eat, drink, make merry, and watch television! But this year, things have to be different.

Perhaps the words that I have often repeated to my friends are starting to sink in to myself: "SPM this year, no play-play!" Even during my preparation for the mid-term exam, I found myself for want of time, between homework, tuition and studying. I almost frightened myself when the first thought that entered my head when I remembered the holidays was "Oh, good, I'll have plenty of time to read up." Shock of my life, indeed!

Oh, but I wasn't planning to blog today just to tell you guys about my oh-so-boring holidays plans (unless you like History, which will be the main subject of my studying, but nevertheless seems inapprorpiately dull blogging material). As a matter of fact, I've actually got something quite interesting going on during the holidays. I'm offskiing to the woods in the highlands, to live with the "Orang Asli" (literal translation from Malay: "Original People") in their villages among the trees! Returning to my roots and all that. No, not really. I'm a pasty city Chinese kid. If anything, my roots would be inside the boundaries of the Great Wall. The trip to the Orang Asli village is a bit of a missionary trip arranged by my church. It's going to be an experience for me, especially since I'm the Camp Commandant. Panic? Yes. More on that as the date approaches.

Also, now that holidays are here, I will be able to spend much more time behind the keyboard. That means I'll have plenty of time to amuse and entertain you guys with my witty anecdotes and abstract poetry! Oh, don't look so sad, they're not that bad, really.

"Come, woo me, woo me, for now I am in a holiday humor, and like enough to consent." ~~~
William Shakespeare

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