Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poem - Sleep

To sleep is to dream
And to dream, to sleep

Sleep is like money
Some find it hard to come by
Some have far too much of it
And some can find it anywhere
In the bus, or in the classroom
But not in their wallets
Although some may dream
of sleeping in wallets.

To dream is to forget
And to forget, to dream
Until you wake up
And remember your misfortunes
But those who remember their blessings
Can live the dream.

"He felt frightened at first, for the wind moaned dismally over the empty fields: and he was cold and hungry, and more alone than he had ever felt before. Being very tired with his walk, however, he soon fell asleep and forgot his troubles." ~~ Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens


I like abstract poetry, but sometimes I'm afraid mine strays rather far from "abstract" and leans considerably towards "incomprehensible".

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