Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Classroom Scandal Part 1 - The Letter at Midnight

In the school, at midnight...

A figure is seen, prowling around the corridors. Its no surprise that he managed to get past the security guards; the old school had more holes in it than swiss cheese, which mice like this one use to exit school and "play hooky", as they call it.
Technically, the holes could also be used to enter school as well, although no student had ever thought of it like that before.

The apparition's specially padded shoes left not a sound, not an echo of a footstep as it made its way toward the Headmistress' Office. The figure produced an envelop out of nowhere, and slid it under the doorcrack...
And just like that, it disappeared.

The next day, it was inevitable that the headmistress would see the white envelop lying on the floor the moment she entered the office. She picked it up and looked at it. On the front was written, in a neat type font:

To: The head of SMK St. George Taiping
From: The class of 4Sc1

The headmistress was puzzled. Typically, it was not everyday that she got a letter addressed to her from one of the school's classes. But, the envelope was evidently meant for her and seemed very proper and official. She sat down at the desk and opened the envelope with her paper knife, revealing a printed letter on a clean piece of white paper. On the head of the letter, loud and clear, was written, "4SC1". The rest of the letter seemed to be a message to the headmistress. She leaned back in her chair and began to read.

Ten minutes later, four teachers were called to the headmistress' room. No one but the headmistress had any clue what was going to happen. Later, the teachers who had been in the school office said that between the time when the four teachers entered the office and when they walked out, there had been a certain amount of crying and shouting. When the teachers returned to the staff room, all four of them had their heads hung low, and the eyes of one of them were red and swollen. Several teachers grouped around them to find out what had happened. Wordlessly, one of them handed over a letter typed out on a clean white piece of paper. Its contents were, roughly:

The letter said,
"We are the class of 4Sc1 and we are not satisfied with the performance with some of our teachers, namely, our Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Accountancy teachers. Throughout the year, they failed to complete the syllabus for their respective subjects. This has caused, in my belief, the decline in the academic performance of several of the students in the recent exam. Furthermore, in my opinion, the practical Biology teacher the class took in for a few months was a lot better than our current teacher. We ask that you take action.
Sincerely, 4SC1."

To be continued...


The room grows silent. The teachers exchange nervous glances. A few students unfortunate enough to be in the staff room at that fated moment began feeling incredibly awkward, and sneaked out quietly. The news spread, gradually, throughout the whole school and everyone knew, deep in their hearts, that 4Sc1 was in some serious deep water. As for the class themselves, they were in pensive unrest for the rest of the day, everyone suspecting everyone else of being the author of the poison-pen letter.

Who could have done it? Or what if it isn't a single person, but a group of dark-syndicate members plotting for our teachers' demise? What do they have to say about it? Stay tuned...

Sorry, but it is once again SO late, so you don't get any proper closing picture or quote, AGAIN, so here's a quote of my own devising:

"If you find yourself having to think really hard about coming up with a neat quote, you're probably trying too hard." ~Me.

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