Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Since when have I had a job?

There are some people who are of the opinion that being a school student counts as having an occupation. For instance, when signing up for forums or websites on the internet, a common question is "What is your occupation" and on some of these websites, "middle school student" is an accepted answer.

These days I am learning why "student" counts as an occupation. Around 9 months ago, I entered the school's Editorial Board, the team whose job it is to publish the yearly school magazine. During the first few months of the school year, or to be exact, until a month ago, work on the school magazine was very lax. But when the deadline drew nearer and the magazine was found to be a kilometer away from being complete, our directing teacher decided, "Hey, your exams finish soon, right? Once your exams are over I want every man jack of you to spend the school hours and several after IN the E.B. room doing the work you have been assigned. Its not like you need to be in class anymore anyway."

The Editorial Board room houses three computers plus five laptops, 3 of which belong to the E.B. members, me being one of them. I leave for school the same time my dad leaves for work, and, bringing my trusty laptop of mine, I spend the whole of school time in the E.B. room. School session ends at 1 o'clock, and marks the beginning of my lunch break. When my break's over, its back to work until everyone decides to call it a day by mutual agreement. This is typically around 4 o'clock or later, and I walk to my dad's clinic and we head home together.

In short, I leave for school the same time as my dad, then work my fingers of, then head home the same time as my dad. Its like having a job.

Recall my last post, "Catching Z's"? I said I wrote that post while I was at school, right? Well, its not uncommon for corporate employees to sneak into facebook during office hours either. Our Editorial Board room is just close enough to the school office to pick up Wi-Fi signals from there. Hahaha.

This is also the sad reason why I haven't been blogging as much as I really should be. But, fear not! The end of my toil is on the horizon, and I ought to be able to enjoy my holidays next week without the school magazine in my face.


Today was, undoubtedly, the most dramatic school day ever. Halfway through the morning, a teacher came to the E.B. room with a message that we were to be in class during our Chemistry period, because our teacher had something important to say. We were all in class at 10:45 sharp - well, okay, four of us were there and the other twelve were fashionably late - and our teacher revealed to us the most serious case of a class hoax I have ever heard and ever will hear. Well, not a hoax. I'm not sure what to call it. BUT, the details shall be reccounted, TOMORROW.

I almost forgot! Many thanks to my newest follower, Phang! If you remember, he was the first person to give me any form of feedback regarding my blog, and he has since even started his own blog. What is the address of his blog? Why don't you ask him yourself? After all, we have a CBOX on the page now! ------->

It is SO late and I am tired from my working day, and I don't have any new pictures of my baby sister, and my old tradition of putting inspiring quotes at the end of each post takes too much effort and no one really cares anyway, so instead I'm closing with a quote of my own devising:

"The only thing stopping you from losing weight is yourself." ~Me
Not half bad!

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