Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today I find myself hurled into the middle of yet another cruel holiday. Some may say that one of the finer points of Malaysia is that there are three times as many religious festivals, and it must follow that there are three times as many school holidays as well.

This is actually the second day of holiday. The first day, yesterday, was DULL. I practically spent the whole day playing video games and I felt terrible that evening. Well, now I know better. One of the substitutes I'm using for video games is, I suppose this here blog.

I was originally intending to write a short cutscene about samurais and demons at the start of this blog, which I thought up last night as I was having trouble sleeping, but for some reason I have decided not to go with it. But now I don't have very much to write about, but I'll do my best.

One of the advantages of wearing eyeglasses is, I get to peer at people over the top of them.

There are actually a dozen interesting things I could write in my blog right now, but most of them involve other people, so I can't write about them for two reasons: a) The people concerned might read the blog, and b) when certain people read that blog, they're going to start asking me personal questions, so... yeah.

Look at the chat box on the right side of the blog page! ---------------------------------->
Somewhere there anyway. It is incredibly easy to use, thanks to the CBOX producers. It makes it easier for me to actually communicate with readers, since I've discovered that blogger stops me from commenting on my own blogs. That's one disadvantage that Facebook doesn't have, I suppose.

School ends officially on the 18th of November! That's less than a stone's throw away. Even though I'm practically taking my holidays now, since nothing goes on at school anymore, but it's different when its official.

At this point where I close my blog, I would usually put a picture of my baby sister doing something adorable, but she hasn't been doing much lately. So here's a picure of her being carried by a church member of mine:

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