Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Two - Of School and Scandal

"So how was school today, kiddo?"
"Oh, Teacher ranted a bit about that letter last year, and blamed the whole class for it. Also, we've got even more Additional Mathematics homework on top of yesterday's and we need to pass it up tomorrow. We have the same Physics teacher as last year, and his modus operandi hasn't changed a bit, which might mean a repeat in history, if you know what I mean. And speaking of History, we've got our same old teacher again, so he's started intensive teaching from day one. We also had to write an essay on our New Year's Resolution with absolutely no warning and to be passed up before the end of class. Basically we just got a lot going on."
"Yeah, I wasn't really interested. Just say 'fine' next time, will you, kiddo?"


Everything mentioned by the boy in the above passage really did happen to me in school today.

We'll start with the rant.

I hope everyone remembers the Classroom Scandal episodes. They're in my handily-accesible archive, and the main core of the story is based on what really did happen at school last year. Some kid in Class 4Sc1 got in over his head and wrote an anonymous letter to the principal with complaints of the teachers' performance. The teachers concerned were Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Accounts.

That's the recap. I don't know how many of the students in the class even remember the whole affair, but one thing's for sure, the teachers don't. Except one of them. But we'll get to that later.
The first thing I noticed concerning the teachers was that surprisingly few of them were the same ones we had last year. I thought most of our teachers would be the same ones who thought us last year, but that isn't so. Out of nine subjects, only four of them are being taught by the teachers we had last year. These subjects are Additional Mathematics, Physics, History, and, I presume, Moral.
This... is slightly frightening. Why aren't our old teachers teaching us anymore? One possibility is that the anonymous letter that arrived to the principal, written by "4Sc1", scared them off. I can imagine the teachers, having heard about what happened to the four teachers who were scandalized in the letter, and subsequently avoided having to go near that year of students again. It makes me feel kind of bad. But, Suspect01, as I wrote of him, isn't in 5Sc1 this year, so if it really was him, at least we've got him off our backs.

Having my initial suspicions as to the disappearance of our teachers, I expected that our new teachers would have something to say about it. I was expecting something like "It's because of that letter! No one wants to teach your class anymore!" But it never came. All of them just came in, and went about their business as any teacher would at the beginning of a new school year. No accusations were thrown at our class, no one resurrected the horrible incident of last year, thought to be dead and buried.

Until late this morning. One of our teachers entered the class, and for a time she was telling us about what we would have to do later in the year. Projects and things like that. To be honest, it got quite dull, and I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. Then suddenly she was shouting. After listening for a while, I gathered that she must be talking about the indecent letter of yesteryear. A short inquiry with my friend confirmed this. She was ranting. She was going on about how teachers can accept criticism, and if you have any complaints you should speak them to their faces, instead of writing an anonymous letter like some inbred weasel (not really, I added then weasel bit myself). After I had confirmed what she was talking about, I lost interest all over again. But she really was mad. Indignant, I might even go so far to say. I guess she wasn't very well-informed about the incident, because a few of her words which I caught seemed to suggest that she thought the entire class had chipped in towards writing that letter to the principal. Well, nothing to be done about that.

Nothing else that happened today is worth mentioning, except possibly the essay. Our teacher made us write an essay titled "My New Year's Resolution". As you have probably gathered from reading my blog, I'm not the most concise of writers, and that's exactly how I wrote my essay. A load of drivel, so it was.
I think our teacher is trying to assess and analyze our abilities first. We all simply wrote a short essay in limited time on a simple subject. She was also going on about how we should use our own unique ideas in writing. I wonder what she'll think of me once she reads my essay.

I didn't have any tuition today, which is kind of a bummer.

I'm also too bushed to write anything interesting. If you scrolled to the bottom of this post and only read this line, I'm glad you did.

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