Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Apologise for the Inconvenience

So its been a week since I last updated. And I thought the four-day lapse was bad? Ha. My eyes roll at my own ignorance. What's worse is, I wish I could say that it was school that has been holding me back, but thats not the truth. The truth is, I've gotten addicted to video games all over again. Its just like those kinds of love songs all over the radio, where the girl says "I can't believe I want you back after all you've done to me!" Bleughhh...


I've struck upon something to think about. How beneficial exactly is Facebook? I've been avoiding creating a Facebook account for various reasons, but now I'm starting to wonder, are these fears founded on solid rock or sinking sand? Does the reward outweigh the risk? Recently our class received a piece of folded green paper each, which is supposed to be a newsletter apparently, and for half a page or so it alights upon the subject of the bad effects of Facebook, which is what I've been avoiding Facebook for all this time. But it also mentions some dozen good uses of Facebook. This and other recent events make me consider if having Facebook would be useful. I'll have to present the topic in English inside the month or so, so I'll find out once I actually get down to reading that green thing.

For those of you who have Facebook, here's an idea. People use Facebook to find people they know, right? Well, if you want to avoid having anyone recognising you, what you can do is, use for your display picture a photo of you and one or more of your friends. That way, when people look up your name on Facebook, then out of the hundreds of names that are bound to appear, they won't be able to find you for certain, especially if you use a group photo. After all, if a photo contained two or more people named John Smith in it, and all of them used that picture for their Facebook account... Well, you get the picture. <-(Hee hee hee, see what I did there)


Up to this point in this year, we have had to write two (2) essays at school. Two different essays for two different languages (Melayu and English). For some reason I expected plenty more essays than this. I had been bracing myself for a whole year of one-essay-per-week, but now, I'm dissapointed. We handed in our essays ages ago, and we haven't gotten them back yet? Do our teachers like to delay reading our essays as much as we students like to delay writing them? Sometime I just don't know. Its a funny old world, that's for sure.


Regular classes and tuition every week are finally getting into full swing, and students are finally picking up their rhythm after all that end-year holiday, when all of a sudden, BAM! we get what I've heard my mom refer to as a "brick wall". I don't deny that in exercising you need to have something called "momentum", which you pick up by doing an exercise for a prolonged time at a constant pace, and if you stop suddenly without slowing down you momentum first, then you get what my mom calls the "brick wall". Its kind of funny when I imagine someone jogging and then decides to stop suddenly when BAM! he runs into a brick wall. I'm positive that's where the term come from.

As I was saying, we've only been back to school for 14 days and we're just getting used to it all over again, when out of the blue comes this one-week holiday getting closer and closer, like a massive looming White Whale suddenly approaching from the horizon, charging the ship at full steam, head first and mouth open. Did I mention I've been reading Moby Dick? Anyway, I've just started enjoying school, so what do we need another holiday for? Well, for Chinese New Year of course. Chinese New Year is an important time for the Chinese, and as a multicultural community Malaysia has to look out for everyone's interest. No, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just facing the truth. I didn't write this much to complain at the government's holiday system, nor am I complaining about the conflict of holiday seasons. I'm just yelling at the unavoidable forces of the universe. Its just something I do occasionally.


Looking at the way things are going, I might have to shift and reduce blogging to every Thrusday. We'll see how things go after Chinese New Year. Cross your fingers and hope! And pray too, but not in the Justin Beiber sense. That modern-day Pharisee-hypocrite gets under my skin.

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