Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days 6 and 7 - Concerning the Year Ahead and what it Entails

Ahh, and so we reach the end of the first 7 days of school in the new year. I wish I could have said that on a Friday or a Sunday, because that would be more... symbollic, or whatever, but because of New Year's Day falling on a Sunday, and the teachers not wanting to miss any holidays either, the first day of school was on a Wednesday. Becaue of this, my mind will for about another week or so be wired to think of Wednesday as the first school day of the week.

All things considered, I quite like how this year's school cycle started out. I have reason to believe that the year ahead is going to be exciting. From my constantly introspective view of life, it seems to me that each year, since I started taking count at about the age of 13, has been better than the last. I intend to keep up the streak, because I've heard I'm concientious too. However, even this early in the year, I'm starting to notice a few obstacles that might lead me to a decline in my personality.

Peer pressure seems to be peering up at me everywhere I go.

Okay, that's the best I can put it. Perhaps I'm not all that introspective after all. But, with any luck, this post and those preceding will remind me, when things are getting glum, that I promised myself I wouldn't let the vile influences of this world consume me, and stuff.

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