Thursday, February 9, 2012

Movie Rating: The Chronicle

Today, I'm going to rate a movie! Today's movie is called The Chronicle. It is about a troubled teenager named Andrew Detmer who buys a video camera and begins filming his life. One night, he and some friends come accross a mysterious hole in the ground, which when they enter it, turns out to be a long cave. At the end of the cave, they find something that transforms them, and gives them unique powers...
My movie rating system will be based on an average score total from several different movie aspects.

Here we go!

Storyline - Perfect! (5*)
When it comes to a storyline, you can't just look at it on the surface. For instance, the storyline of a typical cliche romance would be "boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they break up, the make up, and live happily ever after." But the thing that makes a good storyline is the storyline behind the storyline. Did they break up for a good reason, and did they make up for an equally good one?
The storyline of The Chronicle is interesting throughout the whole movie. It does a good job of portraying the characters' personalities and builds up nicely for a dramatic finish. Well done, Chronicle!

Humour - Quite Good. (4*)
Being a story of a young teenage boy who gains mystical powers, this story is less heavy on the humour and more heavy on the deep, thoughtful moments. However, there are enough amounts of good clean humour to keep the audience happy, especially when the boys mess around with their new power, which, although certainly not back-breaking slapstick, provides enough entertainment. Unfortunately, there are no uncertain amount of the other kind of humour, if you like that sort of thing. But I don't, which brings the humour aspect of the movie down a step.

Morals - Perfect! (5*)
The morals in this movie might seem a little dark and therefore inapplicable, but they mostly center around the "with great power comes great responsibility" theme. However, since this movie does feature teenagers as main characters, there are a number of other little morals that are good too. There are also several morals themed around friendship, family, and the more deep and thoughtful morals of humanity.

Love scenes - Okay. (3*)
I don't know what your definition of love scenes is, but whatever it might be, it isn't in excess in this movie. There are one or two light romance scenes, and more than several hints towards the other kind of romance scenes, but there is nothing inappropriate or obscene.

Action / Violence - Quite Good. (4*)
There's nothing wrong about exciting, fast-paced action, but when an action scene goes to far as to become violent, it gets a low rating. In The Chronicle, there is quite a lot of what might be called "violence", but since its all supposed to be done with telekinesis, I consider them unharmful, and no one would find them excessively violent. A few scenes at the end might be a little bloody, but I consider it neccesary.

Language - A little bad (2*)
Alright, so as I have mentioned several times before, this story centers around teenagers, so you can't expect the cleanest of language, although some people might feel it gives the movie more "spice" and makes it seem more realistic. However, the language isn't too bad, which is why I didn't give it a Terrible (0*) rating. Most people would either be able to tough out the foul language and keep it from ruining their experience, or apply that much bad language themselves.

Any other pros / cons
+ Good acting!
+ Good special effects!
+ Interesting camera style!
+ Bright atmosphere and conversation most of the time!

Final verdict: This movie gets a rating of 4.3 / 5! Not too shabby! This movie is definitely a must-watch! The local newspapers actually gave it a 5 star rating, and I would have done so too, but my rating system isn't perfect.

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