Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sandwiches and everything.

Just a quick blog interface update log. As some of you may have noticed, I've been tinkering around with the blog for a while now. Some of the more noteworthy changes are a) I've changed the profile pic from a stolen comic drawing to an actual picture of myself, which is actually the one I used for the school magazine during my sordid days in the Editorial Board, and b) I've changed the name of the blog from "My official blog since to hours ago" to "My official everything blog", which still has the same essence, but its shorter.

I've also removed the Gallery page, since I couldn't think of anything to put in it, and replaced it with a Sandwich page! Mmm, yummy sammiches! Well, I think they are anyway. Basically, we have too much bread in the house, and bread-and-butter gets mundane after a few years or so, so in short, I've found a new outlet for my creativity!

Yeah... as if.
The newest addition to the sandwich page as of today is a Durian Sandwich! Put a lot of durian in between two slices of bread, and wollah! Of course, you open up the durian and peel the flesh of the seed first. My Malaysian blog does not really live up to its name, but I've made up for that now. Nothing says Malaysia like durians!

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