Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Time

It's been a while since the last blog, hasn't it? You'll have life to thank for that; and for some reason I have the gnawing felling that you would be thankful...

Anyway, my life's become really busy in the past few days, and it looks like it will continue like this for a while, so my blogs won't come all that often. Other than the standard school and tuition parts of everyday life, I've got a ping pong tournament coming on Thursday, so there's practice after school everyday. That leaves me about an hour of free time when I get back before I have to leave again for tuition. That leaves me with little more than a night to do everything that needs doing before the next day begins, and because of prefect duty, I have to leave for school early. This means waking up early, and subsequently, sleeping early. The days are long and the nights are short.

On top of that, I'm the president of the InterSchool Christian Fellowship this year, as well as the piano player and treasurer of my church's Methodist Youth Fellowship. If I ever thought that Form 4 was a busy year, I take back everything.

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