Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Joy of Shiny Handphones

Back again with a new post. What do you think? Two posts in three days seems alright for now. Don't forget to comment after reading my blog, I really need criticism here.

I never thought it would happen to me, of all people, but it seems that I have fallen victim to the irresistible joy of owning a shiny new handphone with internet connectivity. Before this, I had gotten by reasonably with an old model handphone which could make calls, send texts, and wake me up in the morning with a polka tune. But yesterday it went haywire and I couldn't make any calls, and because of this I had to walk back home from tuition. More or less. So that night I got a new handphone.

The first thing I did with my new handphone was, I tried out the games. There weren't any good ones. But then I noticed something called Ovi in my handphone, and I tried it out, and I had downloaded three games in half an hour, and continued playing them for the next two. By the time I realised how long I had been playing with it, it was 11 pm and I still wanted to check out the handphone's ring tones, music, and alarm clock functions. I eventually fell asleep at 12 am, which is a terrible thing since I got up for school at 6.30 am. In my book that's barely any sleep at all. These things are very very addictive, and that's why I deleted every game I downloaded, and now I only have the average games that the handphone started off with.

So, kids, remember to be cautios around new handphones. They tend to be fascinating, and for that very reason they will hook you in and bring out the worst in you. Be content with whatever handphone you already have, and if you don't have one, then all the more better. I realised what I was doing in time to stop myself, but handphones will destroy you if you let them. Video games are only the beginning. Heck, my handphone could even connect to the dreaded Facebook if I ever wanted it to. I shall overcome the temptations presented by my shiny new mobile, and I shall become the master of it, not the other way around. The Joy of Shiny Handphones is a powerful thing indeed.

One of my friends at school read my blog recently, and his comment was "Boring. Very boring." Mmmm... yummy feedback. This is the kind of criticism I need to improve my blog, since the best kind of learning is learning through mistakes. Please start commenting, I shall do my best to beautify my blog's home page and all that. Start commenting quick too, because it will probably be a day or two until I come again~

"If you want to kill someone, give him a smartphone." ~ Mr. Tan Kok Cheang, Additional Mathematics Tuition Teacher

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