Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Malaysian Blog

Third post of the blog, and I think I'm doing okay. Writing can be fun if you look at it as a hobby.

When I started contemplating the idea of starting a blog, one issue that immedeately entered my mind was what I would name the blog. As I explained earlier, I started the blog to make up for a lack of facebook. This way, when anyone asks for my facebook I can give them my blog instead. However, to make it easier, I would need a blog address that is simple and easily spelled, while at the same time being amusing in a way that attracts interest.

The first blog addresses I thought of were or Unfortunately both of these had already been used. So I took the "my blog is mine" idea and started thinking, how could I change this to become a good address while still being available? After a while a simple solution occured to me. I named my blog "my blog is Malaysian".

Of course, there are several other Malaysian blogs in existence; click on the "Next blog" button up there to look at some of them. But I don't know what kind of address they had put for their blog, and this happily leaves one more name available for me to use. I was easily able to find an address for my blog that is easy to spell, incurs interest, and suits the personality of my blog, while at the same time granting my blog Malaysian citizenship. Although on the whole, my blog will contain very little actual Malaysian content, but nevermind about that.

My advertising is working, and I now have 2 followers! Many thanks to my classmate CCW, and my sisiter Ruth. I wonder if I'll ever have as many followers as other people have Facebook friends? Regardless, until next time~

"A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works." ~Bill Vaughan

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