Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Hours Ago

What do blogs usually contain anyway? On hindsight I probably should have done some poking around other people's blogs to find out what blogs are usually about, instead of leaping into this blogging business with my eyes shut. But then again, I can't be bothered to put in the effort, so here's my blog as you find it. One thing I'm almost certain about, is that my blog is far from normal.

Albert Einstein says time is relative. Or something like that. My blog's name is "My Official Blog since two hours ago". When I gave this blog its name, it was five minutes old. Now it's a week old, and the name still says the same thing. What does "two hours ago" really mean here? I wasn't thinking about it very clearly at the time but it just seemed like a suitable name for it right then, and in my opinion it still is.

I don't know, it just seems like the right title for my blog. Perhaps its because I feel inexperienced as a blogger, and the "two hours ago" phrase implies that I'm still very early in the blogging business. Or maybe I like the term because it causes slight confusion and blunt humour. Whatever the case, I just know that if I'm confronted about it I'll only be able to say "Er."

Also, two hours ago I was watching Johnny English Reborn starring Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr. Bean. It was okay, plus I got to see Mr. Bean talking. Yes, that's something that most blogs usually contain isn't it? The writer's recent movie activities and all that. Well, its getting late-ish now, and it's not like I have anything else to say, so T-T-F-N~

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." ~Albert Einstein

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