Friday, December 16, 2011

All things come to and end.

Recent events have led me to come to an epiphany that, indeed, nothing lasts forever. Someday, this life of carefree attitudes and relaxation will end. Someday, every webcomic I know of today will cease to receive updates. Someday, this old house above my head of 40 years of age will go beyond repair. Someday, my Wii will break down. And the list goes on. There is no end to the amount of things that will end.

However, we must not let this stop us from living life enjoyably, for without hope, there is nothing. It is true that many things around us will one day cease to exist, but that is not what matters. We must live in the present. While we still have the chance, we must make the most of everything we care about.

I'm not good at writing heartfelt messages of this sort, so I'll wrap it up here. But what could it be that has caused me to come to such a realisation? What could it be, other than the death of don Quixote de la Mancha.

Recall, good readers, a time long ago, when I stated the following: "Recently I started reading Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Its slightly more than a thousand pages long, and its really quite interesting."
That was, indeed a long time ago. As for when I actually started reading the book, it was a few weeks before the post itself. From then until just last night, I had been reading, at a steady pace, the deeds and daring of the ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, and his corpulent squire, Sancho Panza. I derived great amusement from their adventures and misgivings, and given the thickness of the book, it seemed that the flower of knight-errantry known as Don Quixote would continue on his adventures for all eternity. Unfortunately, this was not to be. A mere thousand pages does not come anywhere close to the length of infinity.

Without fear of spoilers, I can safely say that end the end of the book, Don Quixote is laid down to rest. The reason I can say this is, this fact is already revealed at the end of the First Part of the History of Don Quixote de la Mancha, which is practically only half way through the book. Another reason is that Don Quixote is not immortal, and that he dies like any other human being is not at all unpredictable. However, Don Quixote now ceases to amuse and entertain the world with his chivalrious adventures.

This is true for all things. Like a good book, they will some day come to an end. However, the important thing is that you enjoyed it while it lasted. At least in the case of books, you can reread them over and over again, although that does not change the ending.


Sorry if I made anyone upset today! But Don Quixote was such a well written book, with a touching ending, and it didn't help that I was reading it in a dark bedroom at midnight. Meh-ish smiley. Anyway, I've also realised that classics are so well written, compared to today's books.  Miguel de Cervantes, if I had a hat I would take it off to you. Lewis Carrol, your imagination knows no bounds. Daniel Defoe was a bit hard to read, but its clear he was an adventurer at heart. People like John Grisham, Roald Dahl, and Brian Jacques don't come anywhere near them. Don't mention Enid Blython in front of me. Although I suppose its not her fault, since her books are directed at children. And yet, I believe I got sick of reading those "The Enchanted Furniture and Other Short Stories" books at the age of 12.

Its been quite some time since the last update, yes? So what lousy excuse do I have this time? I'll tell you, and this one is really quite interesting. We're going Christmas Carolling! Yeah? Neat, right? Of course, don't come to me and request Jingle Bells, or any sort of song that mentions Santa Claus. I won't go any deeper into the issue of people confusing the real meaning of Christmas, but yes, this is a Christian Carolling thing. Santa Claus doesn't exist, people! Come to your senses!

Anyway, our first performance will be on the 21st, so of course time is of essence, and we've been having practice every night since Tuesday. The last update was on Monday, and today's Friday, but I'm not going for carolling practice tonight because of an early family Christmas dinner tonight. These past few days I've been very careful about myself - "Don't play too much video games, your eyes will go funny and you'll be all introvert over again;" "Don't sweat too much or you'll stink from the pits of your arms;" "Make sure you get enough sleep, those dark rings under your eyes will be noticeable," and so on. But why so serious? Well, I'm training up to be the conductor this year, and the conductor stands in front of everyone during practice, and the sopranos sit in the front row, and I will say no more.

Hey, classmates of mine who are reading this! Remember the time when I had to conduct the whole class in singing all those patriotic songs on Malaysia Day? If you go around Flemington or Legend Inn hotels on the 24th, you might just see me in action! If you're lucky. Or unlucky. I hope you don't mind being reminded of that horrible time when you had me as your ruthless vocal instructor.

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