Monday, December 19, 2011

Writing is an Enigma

My fascination with the art of writing began roughly a year ago. It was triggered by a slight increase in the frequency and difficulty of my reading activities. Story books, or novels, of that sort. Reading, as I recall, started becoming fun. And then, as I continued to read more and more books that gave enjoyment, I thought to myself, if they can do it then why not me? The authors of these books astounded me with their proficiency with the pen, and, in my opinion, made the world a better place with the entertainment contained in their writings. This inspired me to, metaphorically, pull a blank sheet of paper off the shelf and procure a pen from the depths of my sleeve, and begin writing in a way that I hoped would please others as they read it as much as it pleased myself to write it.

However, as recent events have lead me to realise, my concepts of writing is wrong. All wrong.

The problem was, I believe, was that I assumed myself to be good at reading, and it follows that I fancied myself able to write. But I now realise that, I am not neccesarily good at reading, I merely like it. On the other hand, I find myself to be very good at watching television. These two hobbies of mine, one that I'm good at and another that I merely like, intertwined themselves inside my imagination, and the result came out awkward.
The proper procedure for beginning a book would include some planning ahead and plotting out the entire length of the story, and then writing it in a suitable form. However, I was not very good at plotting out stories. On the other hand, I was good at watching television. Action scenes, punchlines, and all that sort. As a result, my approach to writing was something like this: I imagine how the scene would look like, in a television fashion, and then endeavour to put it in words.

This, of course, does not work, and I failed miserably.

The art of writing a story is not that simple! You can't just jolly well set your mind on what you want to be pictured, and then describe it in your rustic terms willy-nilly! This, of course, I now realise. As it were, I was looking at it from the wrong direction. I look at the scene I want, and then struggle to get the words to fit them. What I should have done, is I should have decided not on the specific scene, but rather on the essence of the scene, and then bring it into existence using suitable language.

All this, I realise, is so much hot gas to thsoe of them who do not take an interest in writing, of which there are many. Therefore I had best stop spewing trash from my mouth and end this sermon quickly. However, the observant man may be able, if he looked very closely, to find something of use to him, which he may keep in mind and may it benefit him in the future. Or maybe not.
Don't worry, I'll resume writing after a break, at which point I will be able to use this realisation to, hopefully, be less boring.


I think today's update speaks for itself. Anyway, I've pondered upon a lot of things to muse about, and there are quite a number of them. What does "breaking the fourth wall" mean? How many principles does Archimedes have? And a few others which fail to come to me at the moment. That's why I have to put down those that I happen to remember, before they escape.

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