Thursday, December 29, 2011

Enough Holidays already!

Let's see here, it has been.... 4 days since my last update. Yikes. But, I have a good excuse. I've spent... just a minute... Monday to Wednesday on a vacation on Pangkor Islands. Today is Thursday, and we got back yesterday evening. And when I say we, believe me when I say it was a really big WE.

... That... doesn't sound quite right. Anyway, what I mean is, you know how everyone always gathers at Grandma's house for a great big family reunion during Christmas? Well, in my case Grandma's house would be my house, since Grandma lives with our family. Oh yes, it happens every year - 14 grandchildren and 9 adults gather in our humble abode for Christmas. Of course, there were already 8 children and 5 adults to begin with; its a rather large house for a humble abode. Anyway, the point is that a great and many of us come together at the end of the holidays for Christmas, and then leave in time to get back to school.

But this year we had a twist. A never before heard of addition to the yearly tradition.

Of course, by no means is it now part of the tradition. Its more of a blue moon thing.

25th was Christmas day. Well and good. Opening of presents, visiting of aunties, and all that kind of stuff. Well and good. But then the NEXT day, Monday, was hectic. Wake up bright and early, at 9 o'clock (What kind of hour do you call that?) and then push off for the Great Pangkor Islands. Only 21 of us went, but that's still big enough a number to grind iron nails on the inside of my introvertial personality. But, family matters, and I toughed it out. Did you know I was isolated from the internet the whole time? All I had for entertainment was two books, and one laptop with no broadband and only DotA to play.

Well, during that time I managed to conclude The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle, and got started on Moby Dick, the author of which I will be able to name after looking at the cover some couple dozen more times when reading the book.

Long story short, I'm still recovering from the massive venture to the Pangkor Islands, which is why my update is so short today. Really. I might go more in-depth next time.


Here are some pictures I took witm my handphone! On the below occassion, the hornbills flocked for feeding time at the Pangkor Beach Resort, at six-o-clock, on the mark.

These birds all look alike. Seriously, its almost as bad as

I took a close up picture of a single hornbill, because I felt
that I was supposed too.

I was endeavouring to take a shot of several hornbills in one
picture, but then this bird in the middle must have thought
I was trying to take a picture of the tree, and very
politely stepped out of the way. Ironically,
this completely ruined the shot.

And this picture shows what a hornbill looks like when
it's eating!

I took a picture of this because it seemed strange. On the
edge of the beach, right next to where the hornbills were
feeding, this group of sparrows, or "generic tiny
timid birds", as I call them, were wiggling about in the sand,
creating little indentations into which they fit quite snugly.
I never bothered trying to come up with an
explanation for this.

On hindsight I had my handphone-camera with me the whole time and I should have taken a few more pictures other than birds with flashy hairdos, but meh.

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