Friday, December 23, 2011

Objection! Carols should be Jovial!

You really mustn't pay attention to any of my rantings. Everything I complained about the other day? Kindly dismiss it as senseless hot gas. Today I'm typing with a clear mind brought about by a good night's sleep.

It is the day after my second caroling session, and you know what, it went a lot better the second time around. And I'm not just saying that because of the smiles of the sopranos (although that might have played a big part), but I'm really catching up to these duties. I do reckon my right arm has been strengthened by all the conducting, and I hardly felt tired out after last night's caroling. The time frames were very similar to the first; started at five-ish, ended at midnight-ish.

The other night's rant post was mostly a result of myself being mad at my own inexperience. I guess. But the second time round, I checked myself with the senior conductor, who took the first carols. Learning by examples and from my own mistakes, I was able to refine my ability to communicate with the rest of the group. For example, one ought to hold up one's hand to gain the attention of the rabble of carolers before oneself, before promptly conveying whatever message needs to be conveyed via hand signals. This, among other such trifles, made Conducting a snap.

I apologize for having scandalized any of my carolers in my last post. The truth is that they're good people at heart, every last one of them, yes, even those boys goofing of at the back who got the whole verse wrong in one of the songs. I'm sure they didn't mean it, and they were very apologetic about it afterwards, and everyone got a good laugh from it. If anyone's to blame, of course its me, yes?

So. That was two nights in a row - yes, full nights too - that we went caroling. Now, we rest for one day, and then tomorrow, we hop back in with a few grand performances - two hotels, with church member's house in between. This is no easy matter, you know, are the two hotels.
Sadly, due to what I am inclined to refer to as "family matters", I'll be missing out on the most part of the first hotel. My space will be filled in by the senior conductor, which is probably for the best.
We also aren't being optimistic about the number of carolers who will show up on that day. It's Christmas Eve, after all. We've encouraged them not to show up if it gets in the way of them spending time with their families, because after all, family matters.

I feel much happier today. Remind me never again to blog past my bedtime.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have received one response to my new poll, and it says that I shouldn't stop ictalicizing the text everytime I write a story. Fight back, people!


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