Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exam Intermission 1

So exams are practically over now. Every subject has already been taken care of, except for Chemistry, which is at the end of a week of holiday. All that studying is over, and I've plowed through my exams and I'm still standing. I have a week of holiday ahead of me with no assignments and minimal studying. I practically have full freedom.

So why aren't I excited about it?

Becaus I'm afraid of what's ahead of me. After the History exam on Wednesday, the only two subjects between me and the weekend were Moral and Mathematics, both of which are such easy subjects that I started my holiday 2 days early. And ever since all my tuition stopped for the exams, I've had nothing to do in the evenings. All there is, is video games and television. I used to be incredibly anti-social, but things changed mid-way this year, and now, I notice that after videogaming too long my anti-sosial personality returns. I cannot allow this to happen.

What is to become of my one week of Deepavali holiday? With no tuition to attend, no homework to complete and no studying to do, I'll be reduced to leaning on my electronic companions, especially since my sister has SPM coming up and my mom sleeps in the afternoon, leaving me with no real people to play games with or anything. Unless I come up with something ingenious, I'm going to become a nerdy video-game introvert all over.

But then, I'm being silly. Why wouldn't I have anything to do? There's a ping-pong table in the porch to spar against, a school magazine design that needs...designing, and a couple dozen of blank sheets of paper on my table waiting to be filled with essays. The only trouble, of course, is that I'm a lazy pig. I would not, in any ordinary circumstances, be at all inclined to do any of those things. But it looks like I'll have to.

I used to spend all my holidays, as I have said, video-gaming. But now, for the first time in my life, I am trying to find other things to do to detract myself from all that. This is turning out to be the weirdest holiday I've ever had.

Since I still have a Chemistry exam next Monday, my exam is, techinically, not yet over. This week would presumably be spent studying for the last exam, but heck, my Chemistry rocks already, and I won't be studying for it until next Friday. But that doesn't change the fact that its still exam season, even though its a holiday week. Still, to those of them facing a similar situation, don't let that distract you from enjoying your holiday.

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays to everyone!

"When you see people furiously reading their text-books minutes before the exam, those aren't the hard workers; those are the procrastinators." ~Me.

Here's a picture of my baby sister Singing (not really) in the Rain:


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