Friday, October 14, 2011

Exam Update 2

Its Friday, Friday...
I'm bummed out. Biology was a mess. Our Biology teacher, the one who set the paper, only taught us up to halfway through Chapter 8 before the exam, but today the questions went as far as Chapter 9 of the syllabus. I mean, really! In Paper 2, the first essay question worth 20 marks was on chapter 8, which is fair enough since we went through most of it, but the second half of that question was about a "nitrogen cycle" which I had never heard of before. Bummer. Fortunately, the question showed a flowchart of the mythical Nitrogen Cycle and asked us to explain it, so I just wrote down whatever information I could deduce from the diagram. But the question also asked what role lightning played in mantaining nitrogen levels in the atmosphere, which was not explained in the diagram and I even doubt it appears in the text book. That second part was 10 marks, down the drain.
The second essay question was on the enigmatic Chapter 9, which I had not so much as skimmed through on the assumption that the teacher wouldn't test us on what she hadn't taught us yet. You can see how far that got me. Fortunately, Chapter 9 is on "Endangered Ecosystems", which is basically general knowledge, so I just wrote down everything I knew about water pollution, and the greenhouse effect, and how it can be prevented. Most of it was right out of my head though, and of course they expect text book answers, so I didn't do very well. That's an extra 20 marks down the drain.

Answering Paper 1 was like trying to cut the right wire on the bomb so that it doesn't explode, except I won't know if I succeeded or felt the explosion until the results are out. It was tough.

Well, the weekends here, so relax a little. Monday and Tuesday is Bahasa Melayu and English, so I can take it easy a little. But Wednesday is History, so MORE CRAMMING!

Happy weekend, folks. Don't let exams get you down.~

Here's a picture of my baby sister playing the harmonica.

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