Monday, October 31, 2011

Exam Update 5 (End)

That's right, the exams are now OVER!
*victory dance*

Well, not really. Today was Chemistry, which is technically the last paper of the exam. But tomorrow we have two more subjects: Physical Education, and Civics and Citizenship. Yeah... try treating it like it matters. As my teachers say, you may as well hand in an empty paper and no one will think the worst of you.

So, the important part of the exam is, once again, OVER!
*victory dance*

Its kind of strange, but I've just left a week of Deepavali holiday, and now that my exams are over the students at school practically have free reign in class. Its going to be like an early year-end holiday. But I might have to do some work for the school's editorial board during school hours, so it probably won't be that bad.

And as a treat for finishing my exams, I'm going to celebrate by ending the day with a really short blog update. But don't worry, plenty of things have been happening recently, but I didn't want to write about them under the title "Exams", so I'll reaccount them tomorrow.

As a teaser for tomorrow's update, here's a shocking picture:

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