Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So. Unexpected blog update. I finally peeped into a couple of other blogs, both of them belonging to my cousins, and I read through them a bit. Man, they were political. One of them complains about Lim Guan Heng, some guy I've never heard of before, but apparently he's the Chief Minister of Penang, some position I've never heard of before, and apparently he did something bad to Johor. The other cousin rants because Bibles are being, uh, "serialized" it says here. If that's what regular blogs are about, then I'm going to be terrible at this. Bluh.
This also makes me realise something about me. I appear to be the only pro-government person in my family. I'm not so naive that I don't know the business about BERSIH that's been going on. Fortunately I had no yellow shirts and I would not have wanted to wear one either. I think that BERSIH is just a non-legalized organization that wants to cause a lot of trouble over nothing. They say that there was a lot of bribery in the elections, but I say that if it really was that bad, how come we don't have any wars going on? BERSIH is so over their head about so-called "bad government", but they're the only thing causing a disturbance of peace in Malaysia, which shows that there aren't any problems with the government, until BERSIH appeared. My parents seem to think otherwise though, and looking at my cousins' blogs, it seems that I'm the only patriotic one in my family.

Great, I have been affected. I refuse to talk about politics for much longer than is neccesary, although I fear I have already broken that resolution. Starting now, then.

As for my cousins blogs, one of them has posted 463 posts in 5 years, and the other, 325 in the same time. According to my calculations, that would mean one blog every 4-5.6 days. I think I'm keeping good pace.

P.S. Also, their posts were a lot shorter than mine so far. Another sign I'm not doing it right.
P.S.S. I actually planned to make this a short post. That's why I didn't bother with the title and the regular relevant quote. Guess I got too carried by my anti-BERSIH rant.

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  1. There are no rules when it comes to blogging! You can write about whatever you want and posts can be as long as you want :)