Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exam Update 4

It is now the Thursday after the History exam. I would have updated yesterday, but with the terrors of History out of sight, yesterday became an early holiday, and I was too caught up playing video games to actually do anything productive.

Anyway, History went okay, I guess. I don't have much I want to say about it. I'm aiming for a B- anyway. Today's exam was Moral. The thing about Moral is, in order to do well, you have to memorise all the definitions of the 36 moral values. I went okay with that too. Now tomorrow is Modern Mathematics. Mathematics is easy, and I don't even plan study for it. Hee hee hee.
The thing about Mathematics is, you need to be able to feel and understand the numbers. How they interact with each other, how each one slots into place in an equation. That makes Mathematics easy.
After that, we get a week of holiday! I go back to school next Friday though, so I'll be getting back my results. History is on Friday too. uh-oh.

But the exams aren't over yet! The Monday after, we have Chemistry, but that's easy. So, technically the exams aren't over yet, but I'm totally going to treat this holiday as if it was. I might update blog a few times then too, so see ya~

No pictures or quotes today. But don't be sad, I'll get one next time.

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