Saturday, October 8, 2011

Preparations for Exam Season

I have read through other people's blogs, and I have come to the conclusion that there's nothing wrong with mine, so hah.

It's that time of year again. Exam Season! *Fanfare* Ah yes, I have fond memories of the last exam season. Out of 9 subjects, I walked out with 8 of them at least A's! 4 A's and 4 A+'s, the best I had ever done in years, not counting PMR during which the grading graph was "pulled down", as I understand it. However, it was the last of these 9 subjects that caused my season to be less than perfect. I got a C for History. Very bad indeed. Despite my awe-inspiring blunder in History, I still got the third-best Grade Average in the class, so its all well and good, but I still want my straight A's. 

The exam starts on Monday, or to be precise, 2 more days, and it ends on the 1st of November. It lasts for 22 days. The dreaded History paper is on the 19th, and that's 11 days away. I feel confident in every other subject, so here's my basic study plan:
Study History lots and lots and even more lots. The first day of exams is Additional Mathematics, and that one's in the bag, so don't bother about it. Tuesday is Physics, which is a little shaky, so I'll squeeze a bit of Physics in between studying History. Wednesday is Chinese and Tamil, and since I don't take either paper, I'm taking it as a holiday. Same for Thursday, which is Accountancy Principles. This gives me more than enough time to study for Biology which is on Friday, and even more History. Weekend of History. The following Monday is Malay, which can't really be studied for, and same for English on Tuesday. Finally, Wednesday is History, and if I'm not prepared by then, no amount of time ever will. Thursday is Moral, and I've already memorised the definitions for the 36 values, so I think I'm fine. Friday is Modern Mathematics, and I've got that one down too.

After that we get a week of holiday for Deepavali, after which we have Chemistry, which is easy, and Physical Education and Civics, neither of which are important in the least. With a week to study Chemistry, its going to be like early end-year holidays.

So, there it is. Exams from now until next month. I'll be keeping updates on the exam throughout. Smileys!

Our newest member is Red Joker, whom I suppose must be Ng Wai Yang from school. Thanks as always! The exam updates might be boring to read, but either way I won't have time to blog about anything else what with reading History. Cheers, and good luck to all those others sitting for exams~

"If you study to remember, you will forget, but, If you study to understand, you will remember." ~Unknown apparently, but I first heard it from Mr. Tan Kok Cheang, Additional Mathematics Tuition Teacher.

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