Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spectacles, Glasses and Eyeglasses

Today is Sunday, so that means you get a huge update! Yay for both of us!

Since I have mild paranoia about putting my actual face in the display pic box, I have substituted it with a geeky video-game-web-comic picture. The upside of this is that it cures my anxiety, but the downside, and a huge one it is, is that no one knows what I look like. Well. I suppose most of my followers do anyway, since they all know me personally, but nevertheless.
At least the one thing I don't mind sharing about my features is that I wear spectacles. Or glasses, or even eyeglasses, if you prefer.

Here's the funny thing about said optical aid: They are more often refered to as "spectacles" or "glasses", and sometimes "eyeglasses", all of which have double meanings. Spectacles can either refer to the regular optical equipment or an extraodinary item placed on exhibit. Glasses can mean a pair of lens on your eyes for improving sight or it can mean, well, many glasses. For placing water into. Eyeglasses refers to all manner of glass worn on the eyes designed for improved vision, including monocles, opera glasses, and the rest.
The most accurate term for the apparatus is "a pair of glasses/eyeglasses". All the other usual terms for it has more than one meaning.

That's etymology covered. Now about the item itself, it really is very strange but when a person needs to start wearing them he will usually, out of vain, refuse to wear them around the clock and only puts them on when he needs them for driving or looking at the whiteboard in front of the class. However, when he finally gives in and starts wearing them long-term, after a few weeks he can't imagine life without them. Also, people who looked at him not wearing glasses for five years before, after he wears glasses for three months people can't remember what he looked like without them, and they think he looks so different when he takes them off.

There's something about glasses that have integrated themselves into human life such that sometimes it seems that people who wear glasses are born that way, in almost the same sense that left-handers can't help the way their made. I mean, genetically when two parents are short-sighted then of course you can't expect much better from the child, but I think you know what I mean. The world can be divided into two groups: people who wear glasses, and people who don't. People who wear glasses have always been that way, and for some of them, wearing contacts instead would be unthinkable, because the glasses have become such a familiar part of their lives. Like watches, bracelets and hairbands, these things sometimes feel like additional body parts and we can't go anywhere without them.

Those are all my thoughts on glasses. I'm not sure if I managed to get my point across. Sometimes I have trouble expressing myself in writing. But that's why I have my other blog of course. Don't forget to visit The Notebook of an Amatuer Writer, the blog in which I improve my writing skills! [This blog has since been deleted.]Have a nice week of school~

"Don't call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses." ~Aaron Hill

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