Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exam Update 3

It is late Tuesday night, and tomorrow is the day of the fated History exam. But first, more blogging!

Monday was Bahasa Melayu and today was English. Bahasa Melayu was, well, meh-worthy. It was average, and I think I performed average. Nothing to holler about. English went well though. Our directed essay was okay. I mean, we just had to write an essay by elaborating on the points given. The Continuous Writing, however, was the real challenge. Being given 5 questions, we must choose to write about one of them. I chose question (e), which was "Pets." Just "Pets."
The last of the five questions is basically free-style. They give you one word, and you have to write an essay on it. It doesn't matter what kind of essay. It can be a Factual essay, a Non-fiction, or a Fictional Narration. Of course I wrote a story. I wrote about a boy whose pet parrot finally rescued him from being attacked by a bulldog. When I get the essay back, I might find some way to post it here. I'm quite proud of it. Smiley!

So, tomorrow is the History Exam, my greatest enemy. I've been studying little else since Friday, so I think I'm okay. I can aim for a C at least. Good luck to everyone, although since its already so late, most of my classmates won't read this until the exam's over. Good luck anyway!

I hope no one is bored of reading about my exams.

I have decided to delete my other blog, thenovelquest.blogspot.com. It was meant to improve my writing skills, but on hindsight, one blog is enough for that. Its okay, it just means that this blog now serves both purposes. Anyway, see you after History tomorrow!~

Here's a picture of my baby sister attempting to play Table Tennis:


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